About me

The artist’s job is to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.” – Stephen Gyllenhaal

I have a difficult time with trash. I am an artist and an environmentalist so I can’t help but see potential in things.

“As Gandalf, the wise magician The Lord of the Rings said, although the storm is coming, the tide is turning. Just as there can be no courage without fear, hope arises in the face of hopelessness.” ~ Paul Hawken

“I believe in rain, in odd miracles, in the intelligence that allows t

My daughter is 14 years old. I am a student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.

To learn more about my creative website featuring artwork, go here: https://teresasharp.wordpress.com/

Questions, comments, etc please contact me:    machete.michelle[@]gmail.com

Photo credit: garbage dump truck header image   (https://www.stlouiscountymn.gov/departments-a-z/environmental-services/solid-waste-garbage)